About Us

The Ultra Balance organization is a team of holistic thinkers whose sole mission is to help raise the vibrational frequency of humanity one body at a time. We do this by helping people understand their inner strength and the power of their mind through personal growth and professional development, making sure they stay completely in line with one another. We share knowledge and provide tools that help others understand how to live this abundant life.  Our network of industries creates a synergy of positive changes that initiates a strong momentum of growth and a huge directional shift in the way a person lives their life. The growth potentiality is infinite. Our team is based in Boston, Tampa, San Antonio, England and is spreading quickly into the international market. Cell Regeneration & Cell Rejuvenation are concepts that embodies the company on all levels.  Our products regenerate cells within the human body by catering to the energy centers.  As we have cells within our body, we are cells of another body, Mother Earth. By joining the Ultra Balance team you become a cell of your community that initiate changes in helping people live the life of their dreams within a more unified society. A life of pure passion! We are individuals who care about the betterment of the human experience. We are here to help guide, mentor and share our knowledge of awareness to humanity in the attempt to have a more collective conscious awareness of ourselves. Our Ultra Balance symbol is a representation of Eastern and Western philosophies combined with a full balance of Masculine and Feminine energies all intertwined into one. Oneness! We are one!  

Mind, Body, Soul.



About the Founder

Joel Massicot, known in the music industry as Masacote, is a Musician, Composer, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer, Performer and Martial Artist. He is a multi-talented artist who uses a unique multi-faceted approach to experience life. Born on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Joel was raised amongst a family of musicians. This fueled his passion for music and started his musical career playing trumpet, saxophone and several drum and percussion instruments, but saw his instrument of choice as the Piano.

Joel started martial arts training early in his childhood. While training in Tae Kwando through high school he spent 4 years in the Junior Officer Training Corp (J.R.O.T.C), then went on to play in the Army Band as a Cornetist for another 4 years. This led him to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps and serve as a Combat Photographer for another 4 years. While in the Marine Corps, he entered the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) studying a fusion of mix martial arts, and studied Shorin Ryu Karate for a year while stationed in Okinawa, Japan under Grandmaster Fuse Kise. Joel currently studies Shaolin Kung Fu under a Warrior Monk, Shifu Hengzhen at the Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center in Quincy, MA.

Joel attended college at the prestigious Howard University in the Jazz Studies department under the direction of Fred Irby III, and is currently a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music studying a mix of Professional Music and Film Scoring as a Major. 

In 1995, he began his formal training in Salsa Dance, leading him to participate in numerous research and training projects in Cuba where his skilled evolved to include Afro-Cuban Body Movement and Dance. This is where Joel began to merge his Music and Dance skills to where they are today. He has since traveled to 30+ countries across 5 continents and countless cities in between to teach and perform. Joel is also the Co-Founder of an internationally renowned Latin Music and Dance company called Masacote Entertainment based in Boston MA. Their specialty is Salsa with a strong emphasis on merging various disciplines of Music and Dance. 

With 30 years as a musician, 22 years as a dancer/choreographer and all the extensive Martial Arts training, Joel has created a synergy of experiences that combines Music, Dance and Martial Arts to be seen as one. Joel's main purpose in life is to share his experience, his knowledge and his artistry to people around the world.


"Abundance is a feeling before the manifestation." 

Components of the company 

 Sacred Geometry Energy Pendants

We like to call Sacred Geometry the Geometry of Sound. This is the mathematics of all Music. Do your own research on it and try to get as familiar as you can with this geometry. It provides a left brain understanding for a right brain experience. The mother company of our Sacred Geometry Pendants is Eforce Plus based out of California. We've teamed up with them in helping people ground so that they can feel better in their lives. These pendants are set to the Schumann Resonance, 7.83 Hz, which is the frequency of the Earth. They help harmonize the energy centers in our bodies so that we can feel more relaxed, less stressed, more strength and an overall comfortability with ourselves. 



Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse is not the same old story of skin care and supplements. We are not the same old network model. Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, in healthy living, in embracing life.

Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, we help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.

Jeunesse delivers the rewards of youth in four innovative ways:

Products. The Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) isn’t just about looking young. It’s about feeling young for the long term. Even the sciences we employ are new and cutting edge. Our best-of-the-best formulas are innovative, and the youthful results are real. Learn more about our line of Personal Care and Nutrition products.

People. Jeunesse shares an emotional reward no networking company can match. The culture of Jeunesse springs from the integrity and core values of our Founders. As a result, our global family of distributors experience rewarding relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and love.

Plan. With one of the most lucrative and truly balanced compensation plans around, the Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is able to reward more people with more money. And with the plentiful incentives and built-in travel promotions that are our way of doing business, the Jeunesse culture is in itself a rewarding lifestyle. Learn more about our Opportunity > 

Platform. Jeunesse doesn’t settle for traditional network marketing strategies. We embrace the technology generation with a cutting-edge platform distributors love.




Masacote Salsa Retreats

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance Salsa? Now is your chance. Train with World Renowned Instructors, Ana and Joel Masacote of Masacote Entertainment. These retreat are held annually in Ocean Park, Maine at a Camp retreat site called Oceanwood. Masacote Salsa Retreat is an all inclusive dance camp where you train in Musicology, Dance Technic, Body Movement, Philosophy, History and Meditation, all within Salsa genre. The highly intense positive atmosphere creates an experience like none other! The only one of it's kind! We are limited to 20 men and 20 women, and the spots sell out fast! So start planning!