Everything in existence operates on frequencies. Each planet, including the universe has it's own frequency. Joel's extensive knowledge of Music opened up a deep sense of awareness that he felt the urge to share. This awareness lies within the Musical Concepts/Theories of sound, vibration and frequencies which is driven by pulse/rhythm. All instruments are tuned to the frequency of 440hz and the way we receive most of our information is through a visual and auditory stimuli from movies, tv shows and media. Soundtracks, jingles, compositions are all tuned for the most part to 440hz. Through the viewfinder of Sacred Geometry, it shows that we are in dissonant to this frequency based on what it does to the liquid crystals in our body. In the holistic world 432hz is considered to be the pure tone of nature and is more in resonance to the human body.


Here's a video by Scientist Gregg Braden explaining how this works in our bodies. 

Through deep meditation, utilizing Music and Sacred Geometry as filters to provide clarity, Joel followed the geometric pattern on how creation began. He then began meditating to the frequencies to be more in resonance with himself. He took six frequencies, place them in a music software and harmonized them to resonate with his meditation. 

These frequencies are:

  • The frequency of Pi
  • The frequency of Phi
  • Golden Ratio frequency
  • 432hz frequency
  • An extreme Om's frequency
  • The frequency of Metatron's Cube

He named it the Irie Balance Meditation based on the depth and calm it provided. He's been meditating to it on a daily basis ever since. If you're interested in getting a free copy of the audio file, send us an email and we'll be more than happy to get it to you. 

Are you interested in learning how to meditate? At Ultra Balance, we express that meditation is being completely in the present moment, paying attention to all senses in the body, becoming aware of vibrations and cosmic energy. Here's a video that will help you start your journey into meditation. Enjoy!